Monday, October 13, 2014

Gardening Tools

I wanted to do a fun blog on garden tools. I was interested to know what my gardening friends had in their tool apron or bucket.

The first one that both Davis and Martina told me about is the Kombi garden tool.

photo credit:

It’s called the shovel with attitude. It says on the web site that the Kombi aggressively slices weeds off below ground with less effort. It looks pretty mean!
I guess I’ll have to get one!

My friend Katie told me that she couldn’t do without her garden kneeling pad. Now there are all kinds of kneeling pads. You have the ones you can carry around with you, the ones that have handles and pockets and even pads that strap onto your knees so you don’t have to carry them around.
photo credit.

I like the plan old foam pads you can carry around. You can get one for less than $10. I did have a good laugh when I went to the Sears web page and they offered a JMK foam knee pad for $141.02! I’m not sure what else it does!

One of my husbands favorite gardening tools isn’t a hand held one. We have ten 100 year old oak trees so we have lots of fall leaves. He likes the Little Wonder debris vacuum.

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This thing sucks up the leaves and then mulches them. There is a bag the size of a trash can on the back that collects the leaves and lifts off for easy dumping into your compost pile.  It saves time and back breaking work.

As for me, I go through a lot of gardening gloves. I have more gloves with holes in them than not. I have found that Digger Gardening Gloves by Womanswork hold up the best.
They are more expensive than many of the other gloves but you won’t have to replace them as often.

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So there is my short list. I’m sure there are plenty more wonderful products out there. If you have one you particularly like, please let me know about it.

Remember that after all the leaves have fallen to wash your tools and gloves so they will be ready and waiting for you come spring.

 "What did the carrot say to the wheat?  Lettuce rest, I'm feeling beet."
-  Shel Silverstein

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Use doTERRA Peppermint oil on plants

Photo from doTERRA 2014 Conference

Wendy and Steve Smith started their all natural vegetable and fruit garden in 2000.

Photo from doTERRA 2014 Conference

Their garden ended up with Squash Vine Borer and Squash Bugs and Aphids. They decided to use Peppermint oil to get rid of the pests.

Photo from doTERRA 2014 Conference

The peppermint got rid of the bugs and left no residue in the soil. Spyglass Gardens has just celebrated their 14th year and they've found a new tool to use in their garden. They grow everything from Arugula to Zucchini. They sell at the Farmers Market in Cascade at the Alpa Nursery every Wednesday from July to September. Their goals for 2015 is to use doTERRA peppermint to control Aphids, on their Cold Crops and Fruit Bearing Trees as well as on Thrips.

Photo from doTERRA 2014 Conference

This from their web site:
“These are not just your on the shelf oils but CPTG essential oils that have changed their lives and the lives of their family and friends. doTERRA Oils are totally free of pesticides, herbicides and fillers making them a perfect compliment to the All Natural Sustainable Farm that Spyglass Gardens represents.....”
That's pretty cool.I had fun at the convention and learned a lot. I even found a better - more natural way to control bugs in my garden. That was a happy surprise.
For more information about these amazing oils please click on the link below.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Love Peonies! That’s why it’s important to plant them in the fall rather than the spring time.  They tend to flower sooner then those planted in the spring and they establish themselves better in the fall.

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Make sure you plant them in full sun in the North and sun with part shade in the South.  They need good drainage.  Throw some bone-meal into the soil mixture before planting.  If the soil is too sandy or heavy add some compost. Plant them so the tops of the bulbs are one to two inches below the surface of the soil.

Photo Credit:

If you are planting more than one in the same area make sure to leave three to four feet between each plant.  When you first plant Peonies you’ll need to top them off with plenty of mulch to help keep the plant at more constant temperature. (Remove the mulch in the spring.) Make sure you water until the ground freezes.

Photo credit:

If you have clumps of Peonies that you’d like to separate then fall is the time to do that.
Did you know that some Peonies have been know to live for 100 years!  Crazy!  Once they are established they don’t need much fuss. Make sure you deadhead the spent blossoms and remember to cut the foliage down to the ground in the fall.

Photo credit:

Peonies come in red, pink, yellow, purple and white and can make any garden look outrageously gorgeous. Plant some this weekend. You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bald-Faced Hornets and Hibiscus Sabdariffa

You can easily tell the difference between a Yellow jacket and a Bald-faced hornet. Bald-faced hornets are known by their white and black color. They have a white or a Bald-faced head and have three white stripes on their tails.

Photo Credit:

My friend Martina had a nest right next to her front door. These nest can hold from 100 to 700 hornets!
If you really look at it - you’ll see how intricate and pretty it is. But don’t get too close! Funny, after all the work they do on their nest, they won't return to it next season.
These hornets are very aggressive and each one can sting over and over again. So don’t mess with one-ever!

Photo Credit: M.M.Goscha

When Martina called the exterminator he had to come at night. All the lights had to be turned off before he could get near enough to spray. They are all asleep at night and you can get the insecticide down into the entrance without getting stung. Of course he had protective gear on just in case.

Martina’s neighbor Jean gave me this little plant called Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Sorrel, Roselle). Here is what Jean told me about this plant. ”The leaves are delicious and can be used raw in salads / soups / stir fry or smoothies and the flower bulb (post-bloom) is used for tea and many other things medicinal. You have probably had sorrel or Hibiscus tea?

photo credit: CK Worley

Bring it inside for the winter and it will provide greens for you in the cold months. And save/ harvest the seeds after it blooms (about 8-12 in each one) so you can expand your garden next spring.”

This plant has been used in Folk Medicine as a diuretic or as a mild laxative. It has a high content of Vitamin C and can even be made into wine.

Healthy wine? Why not! Thanks Jean!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Immune Boosting Gelatin Squares-

I remember making Jello Jigglers when I was younger. I loved all the colors and then cutting them into shapes with a cookie cutter. Now that I’m learning more about Essential Oils and their benefits, I thought I’d changed it up a little bit.

photo credit: Kraft

I was reading a blog by Laurie Neverman and she has a recipe for
gelatin squares using herbs, fruit juice and tea but I thought I’d use a combination
of the two ideas and create a doTERRA Essential Oil Immune Boosting Square.

Immune Boosting Gelatin Squares

4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
1 cup cold fruit juice (try to use organic)
3 cups fruit juice
2 TBSP honey
dōTERRA Essential oils of choice
photo credit: CK Worley

Heat 3 cups Fruit juice to boiling (I used apple)
Take off the heat
Sprinkle gelatin over 1 cup cold juice (I used cranberry) in a large bowl.
Let stand 1 minute (it will have the consistency of apple sauce)
Add hot juice to the cold juice and stir till gelatin dissolves
Let stand 2-3 minutes and add your essential oils
I used Cinnamon, On Guard and Cardamom - Start with one drop each - and test it as you go. If one drop is okay than add another. Your kids will probably appreciate one drop each.
Pour into a 13X9 inch pan
Refrigerate until firm.
Cut into one inch cubes or use a 2 inch cookie cutter to cut into shapes.
(If you are using a cookie cutter make sure to dip the bottom of the pan into warm water for 15 seconds)

photo credit: CK Worley

Why did I used Cinnamon, On Guard and Cardamom? Cinnamon and On Guard helps with the immune system and Cardamom helps with the respiratory system. Ginger would be good with carrot juice, Lemon with Pineapple. Just use your imagination. The colors won’t be as bright as with the box Jello and they will depend on the color juices you use.

These are great lunch box add ons or an after school snack!

photo credit: CK Worley

Make sure to use dōTERRA's CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essentials oils. How can you find them? Just click this link:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Easy Tailgate

We are having a small tailgate today. Just thought I’d share a few recipes that I found on Southern Living online. I made everything yesterday so today is a sleepy rainy Saturday for us.

photo credit: CK Worley

These Mini-Muffulettas are so good. Anyone who has ever eaten a Muffuletta knows that it only gets better the next day so making these ahead of time is a plus. I used mini Ciabatta Buns just to make sure the bread would hold up overnight.

Then I made a couple of Italian skewers which are equally as easy and can be made the day before. I drizzled a balsamic glaze over the skewers instead of soaking them in Italian dressing.

photo credit: CK Worley

Lastly this Banana Pudding Cheesecake. My husband had to have a slice last night and he told me that it was the best cheesecake he’s ever eaten! That is a wonderful review!

photo credit: CK Worley

All I have to do is put together a big green salad and we are ready for some football!
I hope that your tailgate turns out to be a great one! GO DAWGS!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Record Bowls - Inexpensive Christmas Gift #11

I remember going to Tower records and picking up a new album. I accidently left it in my car. The summer sun warped the record. Lucky for me the guy behind the counter let me exchange it. I never made that mistake again but I did learn that the sun and heat will reshape vinyl. We have a lot of old records that we really didn’t know what to do with so I decided to take advantage of the heat advisory today and repurpose some old tunes.

photo credit: CK Worley

photo credit: CK Worley
Making a record bowl is easy and fun. I start out by laying the records over bowls and cups and setting them in the sun. They melt around the bowl or cup which makes the next step so much easier. The record melts and forms around the base almost like fondant on a cake.
Once the bowl is melted sufficiently in the heat of the day, which is to say it looks more like a bowl than a record you can start shaping it with your hair dryer.

photo credit: CK Worley
photo credit: CK Worley

Set the dryer on the highest hottest temperature. You may want to do this outside because it will smell up the room.
Take the dryer and set it on the edge of the record. As the record melts you can start to maneuver the dryer from side to side to create a crease in the vinyl.

photo credit: CK Worley
photo credit: CK Worley

Move the dryer up to the top of the record. Remember the base of your bowl is the area where the label is so if you go too close to the hole in the center you’ll have an odd shaped base and it won’t sit on the table evenly.
Once you’re happy with the shape you’re done. These are great conversation starters and if you have a music or movie room or just love to entertain these little bowls will be quite a hit.
You can pick these old records up at any thrift store for anywhere from 20 cents to 50 cents each.
A gift of three bowls would be a wonderful Hostess or Christmas gift. You have to start now while the sun is hot. If you try to do this with only your hair dryer the likelihood of the record cracking is high.

photo credit: CK Worley

And now for your Rock and Roll Joke of the Day from

My daughter was doing a project on 70's rock groups, and she
asked me to name 2 of them.
"Yes!" I said.
"Who?" she asked.
"There you go, there's two of them" I replied.