Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hot Chocolate Snowman - Inexpensive Gift #4

I needed to figure out what to do with all those other jars that came in the pack I bought at Walmart. After all, I used just two of them for the Teachers Gift post (Inexpensive Gift #3). I thought it would be sweet to make something just for fun. You can use baby food jars or any jars you have around the house.
I’m going to stack 3 jars on top of one another and fill them with fun hot chocolate stuff. I’ll make two of these so I’ll use 6 jars all together. First and always wash out the jars. You don’t have to sterilize them for this project.

I painted two jars with snowman faces. I gave one a traditional carrot nose and the other a round clown type nose. Next I took 4 more jars and paint buttons on them. Remember, we are using the same acrylic paint that we’ve used for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts #1 (Glass plate painting for kids) and #2 (Painted candle stick holder). We are also going to bake the glass in the very same way so please review those posts before you begin.
We will glue 2 of the lid seals to the jar tops. Remember to be careful if you are using a hot glue gun because the metal will heat up. You won’t have to do this with the other 4 lids and tops unless you want to but since we are glueing hats on the top jars it would be best to seal them together.

Next take some material to make the snowman hat. I had some foe leather scraps from when I recovered a chair so I used that. Use any material you have around. If you don’t have material around you can use felt or paper.
Trace the lid to make a top for your hat. Glue a strip around the outside of the lid. Next trace a bigger circle to create the lip of the hat. I used a cardboard coaster we got when we went to Biltmore Estates and ate lunch at Cedric’s in the Village. (3-12-13 blog post)
Don’t glue this larger piece on. It will screw onto the jar opening with the lid.
I’ll try to guesstimate the price on each of the snowmen. We already determined that the jars cost 58 cents each. I bought a big bag of mini marshmallows but only used a small portion of them so I’ll guess 15 cents per snowman. The white chocolate morsels can be between 2.50 and 3.50 per bag. All depends on what brand you choose. You may even decide to use peppermint instead of chocolate which would bring the cost down. I used half a bag of white chocolate per snowman. I used Publix brand Hot Chocolate Mix which cost $1.97 for 10 packs. One snowman will use 5 packs. You can use fancier stuff but it will cost you. So I’ll guesstimate each snowman will cost about $4.12.

Once the jars are filled you can stack the jars and glue them together. You’ll still have to be careful with them so the little guys don’t come apart. I used some of the same cloth I used for the hat for the belt and I had some red ribbon with wire in it I bought two Christmas’s ago so I used that for the scarf. You can use any ribbon you'd like. Just remember to always save ribbon. It's so handy and doesn't take up much room.

And I'll leave you my friends with this quote:
Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.
Booker T. Washington

More money saving tips very soon.

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